Change your Bearings, Not your Sole

Our Bearings can be interchanged both at the point of attachment to the shoe, as well as at the point of attachment to the decorative and supportive band that spans across the top of the shoe.
To attach bearings, pins are pushed through the opening in the first of two arms that comprise the (generally u-shaped) shackle, then through the attachment

portion of the shoe, and finally through the second arm of the shackle; the end of the pin is threaded, and thus rotating the pin into the second arm of the shackle, secures the bearing in place on the shoe

When attached to the shoe, the pins may also be loosened by rotating to unthread from one of the shackle arms, so that the decorative band can be slipped off the shackle and replaced with a different decorative band (this action is repeated on both sides, or both attachment points, of the shoe to remove the band)

Designed for customization and accessorization of a single pair of shoes

Bearings are not only for aesthetic purposes, but also provide additional structural support to the upper portion of the shoe
The shackles themselves, as well as the collective appearance of the bearing as a whole, are designed to convey a Nautical feel that aligns with the overall design concept for Riomar shoes

Designed with the Nautical aesthetic in mind, and with the preferred shoe model being the loafer, these bearings are compatible for use with other shoes, provided the presence of attachment points for the connectors