Our Favorite Ways to Customize Your Bearings

Sports fans, we’ve got you — Here are some elite tips to customize your Riomar shoes to rep your team this Super Bowl season.

Feeling some team pride? Say it on your feet with our customized Bearings. With the Super Bowl right around the corner we have three ways that you can customize your Riomar shoes to show your team support: 

  1. Sport your ride-or-die team's colors

Everyone knows the go-to way to show support for your team is through repping the team's colors. Create custom Bearings for your Riomar shoes on our site to grab an exact color match for your favorite team. Having a set of Bearings in their team colors is a classy and subtle way to show that you’re a dedicated fan and always rooting for them. Not to mention, adding color to a timeless pair of Deck Drivers is a top tier way to make a bold statement, and is truly next level customization for your everyday look.

  1. Add your team’s logo

Yes, you read that right— We offer custom design options for our Bearings, giving you the opportunity to add an instantly recognizable logo, making it the perfect symbol to show off your fandom. For those who want to keep it elevated this Super Bowl season, make sure to rep your top pick for the trophy. Having the team logo will set you apart from the others and will display the distinction this shoe deserves — from deck to dock and beyond.

  1. Add your favorite player’s number or initials

No guarantees it won’t make your spouse jealous, but what better way to acknowledge the player you would follow anywhere by adding their jersey number or initials to your Bearings? The ultimate show of support for your favorite player, and one that just might bring your team good luck, all year round. Think of it as creating your own personal collectible item. As the player's career progresses and their number becomes more recognizable, your shoes will become a valuable and meaningful part of your collection. 

Adding custom Bearings to your boat shoes helps to reflect your individual personal style. By customizing your shoes with your favorite sports team's colors or logo, or your favorite player's iconic mark from the field, you’re showing your support and pride for the team. Custom Bearings can be a way to pay tribute to the team you’re supporting this Super Bowl Sunday, and show your appreciation for the memories and experiences you have with them.

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